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DBAccess is a database maintenance utility for Tandem's Enscribe Data Base Management System (DBMS).  DBAccess is fully integrated with Tandem's latest Data Dictionary Language (DDL) product and provides rapid user access to all types of Enscribe structured files.  Features include:
Fast and flexible search capabilities, by primary or alternate key, partial key, or sequential access
Easy insertion, deletion, modification, and cloning of records
Block-mode presentation of data based on record structure as defined by the DDL
Function Key driven with built-in Help screen
Compatible with all supported versions of Guardian and Tandem hardware
Database integrity available using Tandem's TMF
Licensing fees for DBAccess are:
Initial License Fee: $2000
Annual Maintenance Fee: $200 per Tandem node
License Change Fee: $200 to add or transfer licenses
DBAccess is available on a trial basis for a nominal charge of $50.  This fee will be deducted from the ILF should you decide to purchase the product.  The trial copy is fully functional but is limited to a 60 day period.  For more information please contact: